Client Services

Client communication is one of the most important advantages normally associated with an investment management firm that is both managed and owned by its advisors.  This has always been a matter of high priority with Stuyvesant and it is one of the principal reasons for investors to choose a closely-knit organization.

Communication is supplemented by the additional services we provide to every client.  Our services include:

   . Account Reconciliation
   . Quarterly Portfolio Reports
   . Periodic Review of Portfolio Performance & Client Objectives
   . Quarterly Investment Outlook

At Stuyvesant Capital Management, we are committed to our business philosophy and our disciplined investment process. Preservation of capital is a high priority.

We welcome prospective client inquires

Fee Schedule

The annual fee structure for Stuyvesant's equity and advisory accounts are as follows:

1.00% of the first $3 million of net assets under management. 
0.75% of managed assets over $3 million.

The minimum account annual fee is $1,000.00.