Stuyvesant Capital Management Corp. is proud to announce the addition of our financial planning service, Stuyvesant Planning.  This service is now available to all clients on a complimentary basis.  Stuyvesant Planning aims to develop practicable financial plans that will serve to increase client wealth by mitigating profligate spending and unforeseen life / financial risks.

Powered by NaviPlan®, Stuyvesant Planning seeks to reconcile client revenues and expenses with their assets and liabilities in order to provide a comprehensive road map to financial self-sufficiency.  Conservative assumptions are used in independent variable fields to provide our financial planning clients with the same margin of safety that characterizes our asset management style.  Clients will be able to compare and contrast their expectations for life goals (retirement, education, home purchases, etc.) with their financial standing.  We will also provide our clients with a recommended alternative plan that may cut out variable life costs, enhance asset allocation from a tax perspective, or recommend external services to enhance their financial security (insurance, accounting, refinancing outside obligations, etc.), which may ultimately assist them in realizing their life goals.

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For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation contact Jason Cooper, CFA at or (914) 219-3010.